John Wick officially arrives on Fortnite with time limited ‘Wick’s Bounty’ mode

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Epic Games, the company behind popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, has rolled out a new update to the game  along with a new mode. After the update, users can play as John Wick in the game. This push is part of a crossover event to promote the release of the Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum across the globe. The crossover is present in two parts, where either the players can buy the John Wick skin from the store along with weapons and other gear or they can go play the time limited mode known as “Wick’s Bounty”. The time-limited mode also comes with a number of goodies that interested users can win after playing the mode.

According to the description of this new crossover event, Epic Games tries to integrate the context of the time limited mode with the storyline of the movie. It states that “The High Table has opened a new contract” which is based on the contract on John Wick in the movie. The description goes ahead to state that players can collect gold tokens by killing other bounty hunters in the time limited mode.

Once a player kills the other bounty hunter, they get all the gold tokens of their victim. The interesting thing about this mode is that more the number of gold tokens a player collects, more visible it gets to other players on the map. This means that they will become a much easier target for other players in Fortnite. In fact, the top three players in the mode will always be visible in the map, and all the players are limited to three respawns in the game.

The launch of the crossover event is not surprising as the previous report noted the sudden appearance of the house of John Wick within the game. A report by The Verge noted that this event indicates that Epic Games is getting serious about the crossover events in Fortnite. According to a report by Polygon, the rewards in the mode include “Gold Token Back Bling”, “One Shot Glider”, and “Boogeyman”.

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